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Learn How to Create High-Quality WordPress Websites!

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Wordpress for home-based artists


Wordpress for home-based artists

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Wordpress for home-based artists

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Wordpress for home-based artists


Wordpress for home-based artists


Relieving Some of the Headache

Have you found yourself struggling to make sense of the technical jargon, marketing options, content creation process, and everything else involved in putting a WordPress website together, piece-by-piece?

I did, too, and I am creating the guide that I wish I’d had, when I started designing websites, many years ago. My goal is to make your process clearer, easier & more enjoyable. Ultimately, I hope you end up feeling empowered about it!

Welcome to Web Design Empowerment

My name is Claire Amber. I am a web designer, marketing enthusiast, writer, artist, feng shui master, and teacher. I specialize in creating websites for healing arts practitioners.

I will teach you some of what I know about WordPress, the super popular Divi theme, and marketing, so you can create high-quality WordPress websites and feel more confident about your online presence.

For Beginning and Intermediate Students

I’m am self-taught and I am not a programmer. So, if you’re a more advanced user of WordPress or a programmer, there are other resources that would probably be a better fit for you. But, if you’re a beginning or intermediate student of WordPress and Divi, you feel inspired by what I’m doing, here, and want to learn from me, then carry on!

What Am I Teaching?

Tech Savvy

This is the back-end stuff that’s as basic as creating a blog post, or as techie as changing your DNS settings. A lot of people find it super intimidating, but, it doesn’t have to be! I’m going to break things down for you, as simply as I can, and try to cut a bunch of the clutter out of the equation.

Even if you don’t end up working in the back-end, so much, at least knowing about the nuts and bolts can help you communicate more effectively with your web host company and anyone else you might hire, to help you with your website(s).

At this time, I am mostly focusing on how to use self-hosted WordPress, along with the Divi theme.

Design Skills

Aesthetics are sometimes overlooked, by those teaching web design, because most of the focus is on just how to use the different components. But how do you put them all together?

With my fine art background, I will teach you about color theory, design principles, balance, contrast, and everything that goes into creating gorgeous, appealing, dynamic, and harmonious WordPress websites.

This involves choosing a color scheme, creating a mood or a certain vibe, manipulating  images, using fonts, laying out your content, and more.

Marketing Magic

Unfortunately, marketing strategy is often overlooked, but it really should be the core of what informs your content and the design of your website. I’ll go over that, no worries! Of course, there are a plethora of choices, re: social media avenues, blogging, creating videos, doing subscriptions, and selling items a la carte.

Let’s not forget about the keyword that on everybody’s minds, ironically. SEO. Search Engine Optimization. It should really be called FFD. Fighting for Dominance. Yes, of course I’ll be talking about SEO.

Marketing is complex, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, necessarily. As with everything else, I’ll try to break it down and cut through the B.S., so you can get to the good stuff, faster.

Content Creation

How do you even know where to begin? Do you find yourself struggling to come up with a marketing scheme, let alone images and clever copy to express it? The idea of having to come up with all of that can be really intimidating. I get it.

Rest easy! I will teach you some of my best tricks for effortlessly creating authentic content that highlights your unique brilliance and helps you connect with your ideal clients.

Professional Polish

Want to know how to shine on the web? Make your websites stand apart, because they are clean, uncluttered, well-written, beautiful and have professional polish. My goal is to help you create websites that look like they were designed by a professional. Ssssh! Nobody has to know that you’re not.

Free and Premium

There will be blog posts and YouTube videos (in the near future) available, gratis.

I will also have more in-depth premium posts and videos available, as part of a subscription, along with courses and other teaching materials.

I’ll be creating a Patreon community, in the near future, for access to premium content, like my Ready-to-Launch WordPress checklist, course materials, as they are created, and other valuable resources.

I also plan to teach about how to use membership, course creation, and other types of software, in the near future. So, you could potentially benefit from learning about all of that, depending on how you decide to structure your own business.

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I am located in Boulder, Colorado.

I also work with (English-speaking) clients, remotely, in North America and Europe.

Contact Info

Call me: 720-805-8217

Send an Email to claire at webdesignempowerment dot com

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