I kid you not…I actually had to do some smudging around my computer, to get it to work, today. It’s a good thing I had a dream, last night, cluing me in to what was going on. I had a friend, at one point, that had stored my computer, while I went off to California to try my hand there, in 2015. This person turned out to be a narcissist/saboteur and consequently, he and I are no longer friends. I dreamed about him, last night, and woke up to a sick computer.
I tried everything I could think of, technically, to get her to work. I removed the battery and put it back in, I tried going to the boot manager, but couldn’t even access it. There were a few times when it asked me for my password, but it wouldn’t accept more than a letter, or two. I thought, “Okay, maybe it’s my remote keyboard and it’s possible that it needs new batteries.” So, I replaced them. Same problem.
Then I remembered the dream and thought, “Okay, clearly this is energetic. The dream was trying to tell me something about _______. Maybe he hexed or cursed my computer?” So, I lit up my smudge stick and chanted “I release you from any curses, hexes, or negative energy”, as I wafted the smoke around my monitor, laptop, and printer…because I figured I should give them all some love, right?
Along the lines of our energy and our electronics, here are some questions for you: Do you regularly give your computer love and appreciation? Or do you shake your first at it and curse it, when it’s not working the way you want it to? What kind of environment is it in? Is it in the middle of a cluttered, disorganized mess (bad chi), or does it reside in a well-ordered and clean space? And how is your energy, when you’re sitting at your computer? Do you take care of yourself? Are you grounded? Do you clear your own energy, when something gets you riled up, while sitting at your computer?
My point is that sometimes our challenges with our electronics are energetic. So, next time your computer is giving you trouble, feel into the energy surrounding it and yourself. And if all else fails, get to work on smudging that baby!
Love and Blessings!
Claire Amber, Fired Up Diva

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