So, you know how you find a video on YouTube and it’s by someone that you really vibe with? You’re super excited to have found out that they GET you and they’re saying things that really really help you, on a deep and profound level. A soul level. Their demeanor is relaxed, confident, poised, knowledgeable, and helpful. Of course you want to support them and learn more from them, so you sign up for their email marketing list. 

Flash forward a week. After being bombarded with a slew of emails, daily, offering you this and that, trying to get you to sign up for a myriad of other things (spiritual events, free master classes, etc.), the initial “know, like, and trust factor” has quickly turned into an, “omg, freaking go away, disgust factor”.

Do you know what emailing your list everyday says about you? It’s not anything good. In my opinion, what is says is that:

a) you’re hard up for cash and/or clients

b) as spiritual as you may have initially seemed, you’re actually driven by ego and are being run by a scarcity mentality

c) you have a lot of technological mojo, but are WAY short on ethics and personal skills

d) you’re no different than any other shark in the waters…or robot, for that matter…robotic shark?

You want to know how to stand out? Be different. Hang back a bit. Chill. DON’T try to engage with your “list” every day, because that “list” of people is actually, you know…people. If you met someone, a new friend, you probably wouldn’t be texting or calling them every day, would you? I hope not. Because that would probably turn them off and reek of desperation. So, why would you do that with people who are interested in what you have going on, as a business person, healer, coach, or whatever?

You know the quote about how happiness is like a butterfly and you can’t catch it by chasing it? Remember that, if you’re coming from a heart-centered space, what you should really want is connection with clients. Heart-centered goodness. You can’t really catch high-quality clients by chasing them. 

Relax. Take a Zen approach to your email marketing.
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Relax. Less is more. I read on a new friend’s website that she only emails once-a-week and I thought, “Okay! That’s something I can agree to. I would love to hear from her, once-a-week.” To me, that is plenty. Twice a week is pushing it, but at least it wouldn’t be every freaking day. Or multiple times a day. 

Every time I sign up to receive a freebie from someone (knowing that I’m signing up for their email marketing list), I hope that they’re going to be different and that they’re not going to spam my inbox super hard and end up making me want to unsubscribe and/or block them. And every time, I’m disappointed. 

I don’t know who started this trend, but it’s freaking obnoxious and it’s been going on for way too long. Let’s be the change, shall we? Don’t be a robotic shark. Be a human. A person. A potential friend. Let them know that you’re there, that you “see” them, but don’t treat them like an object that you’re hunting. Nobody likes to feel hunted. And if you are hard up for cash, maybe get a part-time job to take away that edge of desperation, so you’re not scenting for blood in the water? 

The best way to come across (and remain, in the eyes of your audience) is relaxed, poised, confident, knowledgeable, helpful. It’s okay to be open and vulnerable, too. Do what you need to do, to take care of yourself. That “know, like, and trust factor” is real. Treasure it. Nurture it. When we are relaxed, we are receptive. That is when all kinds of new opportunities can come in, including connections with potential new clients. Let the butterflies come to you. 

Love & Blessings!

Claire Amber, Fired Up Diva



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